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NAPHA Newsletter, 04 August 2017


1.  NAPHA Press Release: Lion Hunt Campaign
2.  Hunters Support Education Project
4.  Department Lecture: The Fisheries of the Zambezi and Chobe Rivers
5.  FNB Tourism Index - Second Quarter 2017 
6.  Marble Rhino Project - Update No. 3
7.  Marble Rhino SMS Competition
8.  Classifieds 


NAPHA Press Release: Lion Hunt Campaign
In reaction to a widely distributed petition, NAPHA responded in the following manner:
NAPHA would like to express its disappointment with the ill-informed public outcry towards a NAPHA member and outfitter regarding the marketing of a trophy lion as per letter issued to Sesfontein Conservancy by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) for a human wildlife conflict lion. This last resort effort was made by the MET in order to manage human wildlife conflict and, in part, reimburse those affected by this conflict.

This seems to strike at the heart of the general misunderstanding about the role of conservancies as well as protected areas and a general ignorance of landscape ecology overall. It seems that the public thinks of these areas as something akin to large zoos, offering absolute protection to every single individual animal, rather than conserving populations and balancing land use for all Namibians.

Due to these ill-informed and unfounded facts being distributed widely through various social and media platforms, blame is being placed on all the wrong parties.
NAPHA holds a very good relationship with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, justifiably by being an organization which stands on firm principles and beliefs and by actively participating in strategic planning and mitigation.

The Ministry of Environment has justly followed its mandate and instructions as per our National Constitution in trying to manage human wildlife conflict in a way that recognizes the rights and development needs of local communities, recognizes the need to promote biodiversity conservation, promoting self-reliance and ensuring that decision-making is quick, efficient and based on the best available information.

The Ministry and NAPHA also recognize that it will never be possible to eradicate all human wildlife conflict, but that conflict has to be managed in the most effective and efficient way possible. It should also be recognized that people and wildlife live in an interconnected and dynamic environment, that land use patterns are changing and that wildlife distribution patterns equally are changing, as animal populations recover and recolonize former parts of their distribution areas.

The claims that this specific male lion is the ‘last male desert lion’, is 
factually not correct. Furthermore, various communities have been threatening to poison or shoot the remaining lions in the affected areas, should actions not be taken to interrupt this problem.

As is stipulated in the letter issued to the Conservancy, all possible measures were taken to prevent conflict. MET was however requested to deliberate again regarding this matter and will revert back to NAPHA shortly.

It is rather a shame that the Namibian public, by choice, would preferably support one animal instead of its National Policy in encouraging balanced land use for ALL Namibians.
It is in nobody’s interest to eradicate any species in Namibia and ultimately we all have the same goal at heart – conserving our valuable wildlife, through sustainable use.

In this case, please blame the donkey.

Danene van der Westhuyzen
NAPHA President
Should you wish to obtain more information, please also read the Human-Lion Conflict Management Plan for North West Namibia.

Hunters Support Education Project
After receiving well-motivated applications for support, the Hunters Support Education Committee decided to support the following schools this year:

Aris Grundschule received N$20,000.00 to support their hostel which is on the verge of collapse after Government cut the annual subsidy. This would result in hundreds of school children from the neighbouring farming communities not being able to attend school any longer. Mr Ulf-Dieter Voigts, the chairperson of the school committee, approached us to request support in their dilemma.

Elnatan Private School in Stampriet, hosting children from neighbouring commercial farming communities who are financing this school, which is well-known country-wide for their excellent results both academically as well as in 
sports events, requested support in establishing a centre for children with special needs in education. We decided to allocate N$100,000 from the donation of Mr Lacy Harber, a hunter from USA who donated U$10,000.00 towards this worthwhile cause.

Shalom Education Centre, situated on Farm Agagia of Tilman & Carin Neethling, hosting a Kindergarten for children from farming communities east of Okahandja and also providing educator training, received N$20,000.00 to complete a building of extended facilities.
There is overwhelming gratitude from these institutions towards NAPHA for the financial support and we would like to sincerely thank all donors and NAPHA members who are selling trophy medals (N$ 20 of each medal sold is contributed towards the Hunters Support Education Project) for supporting this worthwhile cause, investing in our children – our leaders of tomorrow.   
Gudrun Heger
Chair Hunters Support Education Committee


Department Lecture: The Fisheries of the Zambezi and Chobe Rivers
Please find attached a poster for a public lecture on inland fisheries which will be given by Dr Clinton Hay, a burning issue that may interest you.
For more information please contact the below directly: 
Prof John
Mfune - Tel: +264 61 206 3743 - E-mail:
FNB Tourism Index - Second Quarter 2017
Dear tourism partners,

Your opinion is asked about the past 3 months (April 2017 to June 2017) or the next 3 months (July 2017 to September 2017).  The 3 month period always refer to a quarter.  The comparison period will then be the same period of the previous year.
Herewith, please find the survey link:

It is easy and quick to complete.
  • click on the link ;
  • no actual figures requested;
  • only 5 minutes to complete.
Deadline for submission is Monday, 7 August 2017. 

Marble Rhino Project - Update No. 3
 Our Namibian Rhino is coming to life. 

We are grateful, as our work of art develops and marvel at the generosity of the public.
Hick-ups like a broken grinder (special tool) experienced by Gé, have turned into projects of amazement when the local supplier, Diesel-Electric Namibia, offered to donate a brand new variable speed Bosch grinder for completion of this project in good time.

5 tertiary degree students from the Namibia College of the Arts have been inspired by Gé Pellini and are now completing their own works of art alongside the French artist and friend of Namibia. Their projects range from welding a cheetah from steel sheets and rods, rhinos from paper maché, to lino prints.

Gé, mentor to student Ngavee, has sparked the sculpting fire in our local talent and the work of art is evolving, as the second marble block weighing in at 3 ton, takes shape to being formed into a magnificent piece of art. 

Scholars from Academia High School and Waldorf School have pledged to the baking of rhino shaped cakes, composing songs, writing poems, using paper maché and cardboard, wood, cans and recycled material to compile rhinos and other Namibian wildlife. A special project was proposed in the form of a life-sized rhino made from bubble gum or a typical Namibian windmill with animal blades.

Loyal NAPHA member, Dr Quinton van Rooyen is supporting the project via his company Trustco to provide the artist and students with scrumptious meals at lunchtimes.
We are excited to launch our Rhino SMS Competition:

Guess the weight of the finished marble rhino.

SMS your answer to 32532 as follows: eg ‘Rhino 9999kg’
Each SMS costs N$2.50. The competition ends on 28 August 2017.

The person closest to the exact weight will win a fantastic prize:
Exclusive Rhino Tracking for 2 persons with Save the Rhino Trust Namibia and 2 nights for 2 people at Palmwag Lodge & Campsite.

The International Council for Game and Widlife Conservation (CIC) and the German Hunters Association (Deutscher Jagdverband – DJV) is seeking a German native speaker with strong English language skills to fulfill a two-year project contract in Berlin from 01.10.2017 as a

Coordinator for international hunting and conservation issues

This project based position is limited as of now to two years, with a 40 hr work week. See details in the job description (in German).

Please feel free to further distribute this job alert. Applications need to be sent to at the latest by 31.08.2017. Keyword “KIJA-2017”.

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