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NAPHA Newsletter, 27 April 2018
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Hunters United Against Poaching

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F O L L O W on F A C E B O O K
F O L L O W on T W I T T E R
V I S I T our W E B S I T E

In this edition

27 APRIL 2018

1. Leopard Tags
2. CANAM AGM 2018
3. FENATA Tourism Dialogue Day
4. FNB Tourism Index
5. NAPHA WhatsApp Broadcast Group
6. Marble Rhino finds a home
7. The last Hoanib Male
8. Ripcord Support
9. Classifieds
10. Important Notice

Leopard Tags

NAPHA corresponded with MET to clarify some uncertainties regarding leopard tags. 

It is well understood that a tag is not transferable. Further clarity on this matter is still required.

The following statements have been confirmed as correct:.
- A tag allocated to a specific farm must be utilized on that farm.
- Any PH registered on that farm is allowed to conduct a leopard hunt.
- If the owner is not a registered guide, only the PH who is registered and in his permanent employ my conduct the hunt.
- It is not possible for the farm owner to use a freelance PH who is not in his permanent employ, even if a motivational letter is supplied with sufficient reason why such a PH should conduct the hunt.

Kindly note that only Trophy Hunting Operators registered with the NTB are allocated tags and tags have never been issued to non-registered operators, as it is claimed.


CANAM held their AGM on 26 April 2018. This was attended by a number of members.

All conservancy members will receive a request to assist with information regarding management plans and the utmost importance of data and statistics on freehold conservancies/freehold farmland. 

FENATA Tourism Dialogue Day

TThe FENATA Tourism Dialogue Day took place on Wednesday, 25 April 2018 at the Safari Court Hotel.

The event was attended by roughly 100 individuals from all sectors within the tourism industry and co-sponsored by First National Bank.

Topics raised, included the combination of consumptive vs non-consumptive tourism. We would like to obtain your perspective on this.
Would you like to see hunting and non-hunting groups at your establishment simultaneously? Please indicate:
We furthermore invite your feedback on this topic via e-mail to Nicole (
The afternoon discussions included topics on the registration of Tour guides, as this is currently the only profession within the industry that does not require an annual registration.

Crime was discussed in great detail with stories being shared of tour busses being sabotaged while on a city tour in an attempt to rob the tourists onboard the bus.
It was stressed that incidents, no matter how small, must be reported to the nearest police station. No action can be taken, if the police is not informed of the crime committed.
Also discussed in great length was the lack of data / statistics within the industry. Figures are required to gain an insight into the tourism industry and also to pinpoint areas that need attention.

Everyone agreed that there is huge need and scope for improvement on the statistics collection efforts, from all sectors, and it is thus very apt for FNB to circulate a call on the tourism industry to contribute to the 1st quarter 2018 Tourism Business Index survey. See the link below, as well as the QR code, for those of you who prefer to complete the questionnaire from the convenience of your smart-phone.

FNB Tourism Index

The FNB Tourism Index is a quarterly survey that tracks the tourism industry trends in Namibia.  As a longstanding friend of NAPHA, FNB has asked for our help in distributing their survey, as they need more data to make the reports as accurate as possible. The more data is gathered, the better findings can be presented to the decision makers. It was quite disappointing when the last survey initially only received 24 responses, out of 4000 registered tourism companies. 

We therefore urge everyone to take five minutes to complete the survey by clicking on the link below or scanning the QR code. 

Take the FNB Tourism Survey
Read the 4th quarter (2017) report

NAPHA WhatsApp Broadcast Group

NAPHA Office has decided to create a WhatsApp Broadcast Group, whereby all NAPHA members will be able to receive WhatsApp’s from the NAPHA Office, facilitating an individual communication channel, with any replies reaching only the office.

Any comments, concerns, issues can be addressed with the NAPHA office and Exco and will be replied to within office hours.

Please save this number in your contacts - 081 419 8349 - in order to become part of this Broadcast Group.

Marble Rhino finds a home

In 2017 the Hunters United Against Poaching Trust hosted its second international gala evening to raise funds for anti-poaching efforts in Namibia. The main attraction of the event was the exquisite marble rhino sculpted by French artist Ge Pellini. Hopes were that the marble rhino would bring in the largest portion of money for the HUAP Trust, so when it was not sold, the spirits of everyone involved were dampened. Now it is almost 8 months later, and we finally managed to find our rhino a permanent home - in Austria. The highest bid was 30 000 Euro, much-needed funds which will finance a series of anti-poaching efforts, some of which are still in the planning stages.
The rhino will remain at the FNB Parkside branch until early May, whereafter it will be disassembled, packed and shipped to Vienna. This is the last chance for photo opportunities, so make sure to pay a visit before it is gone.


The Last Hoanib Male

The below questions were addressed to the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) by a foreign national, questioning Namibia's wildlife conservation strategies:

 Could you please explain to the public (and to me) what the heck is going on in Namibias so called 'conservancies' with regard to wildlife, especially lions and elephants.
- Are you aware that the Hoanib counts only one (1 !!) male reproductive lion and that this individual 'Last of the Mohicans' is in great danger to be 

- Are you aware that shooting and poisoning 
- Are you aware as well that a complete pride of lions there has been poisoned?
seems to be a main hobby of Namibian farmers? This even without justification because of loss of livestock.
- Are you aware 
at all that worldwide lions face extinction?
- What then is the use of beautiful films like Vanishing Kings if the vanishing is MET-endorsed?

After these questions I do have some requests as well:
- Could you please clarify if MET really is in a hurry to address the Puros community in this matter? They are notorious lion killers.
- Could you please clarify what your action is with regards to the extremely urgent collaring of the few remaining lions?
- Could you please clarify your course of action in the prosecution of the culprits of the shooting and poisoning? This is dragging on for years by now. It creates the impression as if they have got a secret 'go ahead' from your ministry. This does not contribute to your country's reputation I'm afraid.
- Could you please shed your light on the practice of earmarking reproductive male lions (which are by now a rarity. Inbreeding is the result.) as a 'problem animal' with the sole purpose to find a fake justification for selling it as a trophy animal? The strong will die; their heads on a wall in New York or Moscow; the weak - genetically spoken uninteresting ones - remain.
- Could you please clarify what exactly justifies the name 'Conservancy'?
With due 
I await your reply. 

To which the Namibian Chamber of Environment (NCE) responded as follows:

Dear [.....],

This is the Namibian environmental NGO community replying to your e-mail of 20 April 2018 to [Ministry of Environment and Tourism], to add our perspective to that of our government colleagues. By way of background, the Namibian Chamber of Environment (NCE) is a membership-based umbrella organisation that supports, and represents the interests of, the environmental NGOs in Namibia. We currently have a membership of 58 NGOs, which is well over 90% of all environmental NGOs in Namibia.

We wish to thank you for your interest in conservation issues in Namibia. At the outset, I would ask you to tell us the source of your information? Unfortunately, the information you have has led you to levy accusations and aggressive questions which are simply not based on the reality on the ground.

Let me turn the tables on you for a moment and ask you, as an interested conservationist from [Country of residence], where are the indigenous predators which used to occur in your country until very recent times? Where are your free-ranging wolves, lynxes and bears? Where are your national programmes to reintroduce these species back into your countryside? What commitment is there from your government to reinstate the recent-historic wildlife of [Country] which was killed by modern man? What sort of support do you think that you would get from your farmers for such reintroduction efforts?
Read More 

Ripcord Support

Thank you Ripcord for your continued support toward NAPHA and its vision!

Ripcord takes the worry out of travel by providing 24/7 access to medical and security professionals combined with the best evacuation, rescue and optional travel insurance coverages designed for adventurers.

If you are injured, ill, or caught in a dangerous situation 100 miles or more from home, Ripcord will get you home safely. Plus, insure your trip with trip cancellation, primary medical expense coverage, sporting goods and more.

Led by special operations veterans, Stanford Medicine affiliated physicians, paramedics and other travel experts, Ripcord is perfect for adventure seekers, climbers, skiers, sport enthusiasts, hunters, international travelers, humanitarian efforts, expeditions and more.
Looking for a hunting hound for a farm. Preferably a female puppy, breed Deutsche Bracke/German Hound.

Please contact Andreas Haag at 081 235 1755.
As next week Friday (4 May) is a public holiday, there will be no Newsletter next week.

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