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NAPHA Newsletter, 8 December 2017
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Hunters United Against Poaching

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In this edition

08 December 2017

1. DSC Convention 2018
2. Leopard Tags 2018
3. Medical Aid Schemes and Benefits 2018
4. Ministry of Home Affairs increases permit fees
5. Telecom Alert
6. Carnivore Conservation Status
7. A Species Extinct
8. Trophies From Zimbabwe and Zambia
9. A Conservationists Reality Check
10. Krieghoff PH Day
11. HuntingStatistics: Slido App
12. End of Year Report 2107 - Conservation Force
13. NAPHA Office closure and reopening
14. Classifieds

Dallas Safari Club Convention 2018

4 - 7 January 2018
NAPHA is going to Dallas!

We will be at booth number A19, so be sure to pay us a visit for a quick chat and to collect the latest HuntiNamibia and the new NAPHA Information Booklet while we promote Namibia as the finest hunting destination in Africa.

All NAPHA members exhibiting at the DSC Convention are kindly asked to submit their booth number to the Office before 15 December.

Leopard Tags 2018

NAPHA has been contacted by a number of members dissatisfied with the Leopard Tag allocations.
We are addressing this issue with MET personnel and will provide feedback soonest.
Updates will be shared via this newsletter platform.

Medical Aid Schemes and Benefits 2018

We herewith wish to remind you to contact the NAPHA office should you be interested in joining the NAPHA medical aid group scheme at reduced rates with any of the below listed Medical Insurance providers. This offer applies to new as well as existing Medical Aid Members. Members of a current individual scheme will benefit from reduced group tariffs

(awaiting new rate sheets)

View the different Medical Aid provider benefits and rates here.
Ministry of Home Affairs increases permit fees
Extract from NAU Newsletter
The Ministry of Home Affairs has announced that their fees have been increased as follows: permanent residence permits increase to N$18,000 (was N$12,000). Documents such as birth- and death certificate, marriage certificate and ID documents are free of charge, but if a duplicate birth certificate must be issued it will cost N$50 and a duplicate death- or marriage certificate and ID documents cost N$100. The fee for a passport is N$200 and for a duplicate passport N$400. If a passport is damaged or has been lost and a new one must be issued, the fee is N$300 and the same for emergency travel documents. A new citizenship certificate is N$1,000 and a duplicate N$200. These fees will come into force once they have been advertised in the Government Gazette.

Telecom Alert

Carnivore Conservation Status

Request for assistance by the Namibian Chamber of Environment

NCE is working with MET and the Large Carnivore Management Association of Namibia (LCMAN) to assess the conservation status of all carnivores in Namibia. A workshop was held from 8 - 10 November to start the process. The proceedings of this workshop can be found here.

There are about 34 carnivore species in Namibia, ranging from meerkat, mongooses, genets and small cats to hyaenas, wild dog and large cats (cheetah, leopard & lion). We are currently working to improve the information we have on the distribution of these carnivores. Please help us fill in the gaps.

In particular, we need to try and boost the information we have on the distribution of carnivores in Namibia. The best way to do this is to reach out to farmers, park staff, tourism lodges, tour guides, hunters, conservancies, etc. in an attempt to reach every corner of the country to contribute their sightings and other records. To this end, a document with distribution maps was put together from the Carnivore Atlas, for each carnivore species. You can see more detail on the Atlasing in Namibia at and you can also enter new records there.

Any information, current or historic, that you have available, from your farm or concessions, would go a long way in aid of this project with much-needed data. Please send your information to

Please provide as much information as possible:
  • Location where the carnivore was seen (coordinates – either GPS or monad (1 minute by 1 minute grid), pentad (5’ x 5’ grid), ¼ degree square (15’ x 15’ grid), or farm name with farm number and district / region, or description of location (e.g. lodge name and general location).
  • Date when the sighting was made
  • Species seen
  • Any other information would be useful, such as: o whether the species is common or unusual o farm type (cattle/game/mixed/tourism/hunting) o fencing type (cattle/short game fence/high game fence/predator proof fence)
  • One or more photographs of the carnivores would be useful, particularly for the smaller, less easy to identify species. If you are not sure of the identification, please just send the photo with date and place, and our carnivore specialists will identify it for you. Please do not send hundreds of camera trap photos of the same species at the same location – just a few at each location in different months. If you prefer to upload photos to a Dropbox, Google Drive, or other storage system, please provide details.

A Species Extinct

The Guardian

On 26 September 2017, staff with the Atlanta Botanical Garden found a frog dead in his enclosure.
The frog had big brown eyes, massive feet with thick webs between the toes, and brownish skin speckled with little yellow dots. His name was Toughie. He was big for a frog and he didn't like it when humans handled him. He'd lived a long time: 12 years.

And he was the last of his kind.

Read more.

Trophies From Zimbabwe and Zambia

The Wallstreet Journal and New York Times

The debate about hunting lion and elephant has just come roaring back. Earlier this month the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service lifted a ban on importing lion and elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia. Just days later, after an outcry, President Trump reinstated it. "Put big game trophy decision on hold," Mr Trump tweeted, "until such time as I review all the conservation facts."

Read more.

You can also read a related article ("Hunt Elephants to Save Them? Some Countries See No Other Choice") that appeared in the New York Times.

A Conservationist Reality Check

by Robin Hurt

Yes, there will always be two sides to any argument. But, from my side there is no real argument because we all have the same interest - that is the long term well being of wildlife - whether we are pro legal hunting or anti legal hunting. It's time to work together for a common cause and put aside our various prejudices. It's time to look at things in a realistic light. To realise that for wildlife to survive in an Africa with a huge human growth problem, that it must be a competitive form of land use... [Read more]

Krieghoff PH Day - 7 February 2018

The Krieghoff company invites Professional Hunters from all over the world, to a unique meeting of expertise. Get an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of the Krieghoff Factory in Ulm, Germany. Feel the spirit of traditional firearm manufacturing and test the hell out of our hunting and sporting arms in the most modern indoor shooting center of Europe. Join the Krieghoff PH-Day 2018 and get to know what it's like to be part of the Krieghoff Family.

See the event flyer.

Hunting Statistics: Slido App

Slido is an interactive online Q&A and Poll site that can be used at events and meetings to collect questions and data on various topics. Slido was introduced to the NAPHA membership at our recent AGM by guest speaker Dr Morgan Hauptfleisch. Interesting questions which arose at the AGM, and which will be investigated in due course can be found by visiting the Slido app at The event code for the AGM was M295. Use this code to see what questions arose at the AGM.

End of Year Report 2017 - Conservation Force

Dear Supporter,
Our twentieth anniversary year has been one of the most successful in our history. We have been rewarded with many hard-earned victories. But as this is being written the media and antihunters have bombarded the President with “false facts” that threaten some of our achievements. Rest assured we are working hard to contend with those lies.​

We began 2017 by reaching out to the new administration for urgent help with an array of worsening crises. The last administration had suspended important import permits and neglected to process others in an apparent strategy to persuade countries to abandon safari hunting. Numerous organizations signed-on to letters circulated by Conservation Force to bring the deteriorating state of safari hunting to the attention of Secretary Zinke and Acting FWS Director Greg Sheehan. One result is the new International Conservation Council to advise the Secretary of Interior about hunting issues from excessive trophy seizure practices to chronic delays of the import permitting process. The promising agenda of the Council tracks the “urgent” issues we asked the Secretary to address.  [Read more]

NAPHA Office Closure and Reopening

The Office will close on Friday, 15 December 2017 (12h00) and will re-open on Monday 08 January 2018 (07h30).
Schoenfeld Safaris has a request from a group of 4 x Dubai  Arab-Muslim hunters and 2 observers interested in :
Wingshooting: Grouse, Francolin, Doves and other.
Accommodation in a "Tanzania-style tented camp", sleeping 2x Double and 2x Single
Easy with meals but no pork and alcoholic drinks.
Want to do 10 days from arrival to departure with 1 day and 1 night sight-seeing trip to a place/places of interest.
If you are interested to accommodate this group in June or July, please send offers to:
Hartwig von Seydlitz

Namibia Professional Hunting Association

PO Box: 11291

Tel: +264 (0) 61 234455
WhatsApp:  +264 (0) 81 424 9922

Danene van der Westhuyzen, President,
Tanja Dahl, Chief Executive Officer,
Nicole Schwandt, Executive Assistant,
Delin Rooinasie, Secretary,
Nikita Greyling, Administrative Assistant,
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