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                                                                   Dear visitor of this webpage!

This contact-page is only made for the hunting providers in Namibia. Please go in contact directly with the hunting provider over his own webpage or send him an eMail, when you have some questions about hunting on his farm or something else. Hunting providers out of Namibia who have this hunting country in their hunting program / offer, can be taken in my webpage to the same conditions listed below, for sure. 

With regards,

Peter Jupke 


                                                                 Dear Hunting Provider in Namibia!

If you want to add and to have a link of your hunting business  in the "Hunting Portal Namibia", then please send me an eMail.  The costs for adding/linking among the pages
„Hunting Ranches", „Guest Farms" or „Hunting Safari" are 50,- EURO (€). In this amount the German Value Added Tax of 19 % is already included. The period for the link is 12 months and begins in each case with the following month to money entry. The sequence / rank of the listing occurs to entry of your registration with me.
You will receive an invoice from me in German and English language after registration and after the
money entry a receipt proof.
On time,
before the period of 12 months ends, I will contact you, whether you agree to a further prolongation or not. Changes to the logo, text or dates of your hunting business during the period of 12 months are free.
If it should result in a
hunt booking with you over the “Hunting Portal Namibia”, I do not demand any agency booking commission.

The webpage "Hunting Portal Namibia" is announced in the hunting magazines by me regularly and bound into the search machines of the Internet. Also your hunting business is familiarized with that worldwide web and offered to the increasing number by hunters who want to go to Namibia for hunting. This professional outlay is borne by me. For the preparation and care of the webpage "Hunting Portal Namibia" I carry the costs by myself.

When you think about the costs, pleas keep in mind that the price of an one time, multi-coloured small advertisement in a hunting press / magazine may be up to € 350,00 and more.

If you do not have an own webpage, I can also insert your hunting ranch description, farm information ,price-list etc.

I made following considerations as a basis in the case of the planning and preparation of this webpage:
1. There was up to now no any webpage, in which a hunter has found all information  for the preparation, planning and realization of his hunting vacation in Namibia.
2. When
the hunter can select his hunting vacation in this webpage under possible many providers , he can spare the arduous search in the Internet or the
    studying of advertisements in the hunting magazines.
3. The hunter already will find in the abridged of your hunting business very important
  information on his ideas and wishes as far as his scheduled hunt journey
    into your country
is concerned.
4. The hunting provider in Namibia can see in his own counter the page views of his internet site/ webpage.

An increasing number of your competitors in Namibia recognized already the advantages of a register in the "Hunting Portal Namibia" and  applied already the adding and linking of their own webpage before this webpage was finished. The webpage is now ready. The integration and linking in the search machines of the Internet occurred and I gave in task the advertisements in the hunting press in regular distances. Therefore safeguard now  your adding, linking and placement in the "Hunting Portal Namibia" and invest this € 50,00 in the future of your hunting business. Also only one hunter who should book a hunting journey  with you over the "Hunting Portal Namibia", took your costs arisen for the adding and linking around a multiple again.

If you should want therefore the adding and linking of your hunting business into the "Hunting Portal Namibia", please print that below gettable  reply paper ,  fill it with your dates and send it to me as an email - attachment to :   


With kindest regards and
"Fair Chase" from Germany,

Peter Jupke

Reply paper German
 Linking "Jagdportal Namibia"
Reply paper Englisch
 Linking "Hunting Portal Namibia"




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