Hunting in Namibia

Selective Hunting on strong and fully developed trophies




Namibia with his boundless width and unfathomable depths, his landscape rich in contrasts, that most different living spaces and his kind-rich fauna and flora attracts every year thousands of tourists and hunters from all world into this country. Many hunters return again after a successful hunting vacation on trophy carrying game species because they have gotten the "Africa fever" which one will never get rich of. Almost 500 hunting providers, registered with NAPHA (Namibia Professional Hunting Association),  makes it possible for you to fulfil your trophy dreams by hunting on more than 25 different game species; whether in free hunting ground with normal cattle fences or in few thousand hectare game farms with high fences. By hide or during stalking, armed with rifle, bow or camera, the hunting visitor get  experiences which he will not forget anymore; regardless whether he booked his hunting vacation on a hunting ranch, a hunting and guest farms or a hunting safari.





Hunting laws and regulations




As usual also in other countries, Namibia has exempted hunting laws that are elaborated by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism MET) and anchored in the constitution of the country. They are adjusted continuously to the current situations in the country. The NAPHA is in this case a dependable partner of the Ministry and supports and/or contributed considerably to the decision of the hunting laws and hunting regulations for trophy hunting in Namibia; this is done for the purpose of the marketing as well as the receipt of the hunting interests and the long lasting use of flora and fauna in Namibia.



Hunting information and worth tips





A successful hunt in Namibia onto ripe and strong trophy game species needs a careful planning, preparation and realization. In particular the hunter who would like to go for hunting into this country which is approx. 9.000 km far from Germany  for the first time, do not point normally, what will come up to him there. Many questions are necessary to be answered: To which season do I go to Namibia? Which game species would I like to hunt with first priority ? Do I go alone, with my wife or with hunting accompanies? How do I come to that country? What must I take along onto outfit? Which rifle, which calibre is suitable for the big game occurring there? Which entry regulations are there; which inoculations are to be recommended? How looks my accommodation like? Are the hunting efforts and the temperatures harmful for my age and health state? This list of questions is by far not complete and almost every answer raises new questions.




To the above mentioned topics you will find on the pages  "Trophy Hunting", "Hunting Laws" and "Hunting Info"
 worth instructions for Hunting in Namibia.



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