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As I mentioned already on the homepage, I hunt in Namibia since 1996. I gained many experiences there in the case of eight hunting journeys. With pleasure I give this experiences to those hunters and their non-hunting accompanies who possibly wont to spend  their first hunting vacation in this country. In 1996, I would have been thankful over that, if I had obtained more information about Namibia, the country, his population, the sights and the hunt. I think, when I like to spent a hunting vacation in a for me completely unknown country, approx. 8.500 km far from Germany, it needs comprehensive information,  that the hunting journey ultimately ends successfully and without problems. To represent my "Hunting and travel information" here at all, it would explode the frame of this page. Therefore I only listened  here the table of contents for you and provided the whole information for downloading or printing,  that you can study them at home in rest. 


 Hunting- and Travel Information Namibia
Cover Page 1
Index Page 2
Hunting country and travel destination Namibia Page 3
The country and it's people Page 3
A. Hunting information  Page 3 - 6
      1. Hunting seasons Page 4
      2. Hunting permit Page 4
      3. Game birds Page 4
      4. Hunting guests Page 4
      5. Rifle and calibre Page 4 - 5
      6. Test shot / control shot Page 6
      7. Trophies Page 6
      8. Trophy export Page 6
B. Travel information  Page 6 - 7
      1. Climate  Page 6 - 7
      2. Entry and departure regulations Page 7
          a. Entry and departure Page 7
          b. Rifle import and export Page 7
C. Stay in the country Page 7 - 10
      1. Inoculation / prevention Page 7
      2. Clothing / equipment Page 8
      3. Photo equipment Page 8 - 9
      4. Car hire / traffic Page 9
      5. Trophy preparation, trophy delivery Page 9 - 10
      6. Sights Page 10
      7. Cost account of a hunting journey Page 10
D. Personal hunting tour checklist Namibia Page 11
E. Attachments Page 11 - 15
      1. Personal hunting tour checklist Namibia Page 12 - 13
      2. Rifle target black-white Page 14
      3. Rifle target coloured Page 15
  and Peter Jupke, 76694 Forst  


Push on the sun in the globe and you will get the  "Hunting and Travel Information Namibia" for downloading or printing (still only in German language).

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 Hunting- and Travel Information




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