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Namibia - Land of Contrasts


One says the cradle of mankind is supposed to have stood in Africa. The traces of the first people in Namibia go back until the Stone Age.  Many of the up to 28.000 years old rock engraving and paintings show former hunters and collectors. Namibia, with a face of 824.268 kmē, is more than twice as big as the Federal Republic of Germany, but with approx. 2,1 million people very sparsely populated. The capital Windhoek has approx. 4000.000 inhabitants. The population consists of 12 ethnic groups: Herero, Himba, Nama, Owambo, Kavango, Damara, San, around some, as well as the Namibian's of European origin. These cultures and their languages give an incomparable charm to the country because of his perpetual sunshine, the experience of boundless width and freedom, his unpolluted air and the unique rich colouring of the landscape. The naturalness of his landscape and the and the different kinds of species of animal and plant world pull more and more visitors from all over the world  into this big and wide country and wake the wish to stay or to return.





















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