Duiker (Common)



Standing about 60 cm / 24 inch at the shoulder, mass about 16 kg / 35 lb.. Broad black band on forehead and on top of muzzle. Bright reddish-brown forehead with fringe between horns. Upright, heavily ridged horns. Black band extending from eyes to nostrils.

Greyish-brown, limbs and body have the same colour, black ring above the hooves.

Bush, grassland interspaced with woodland. Underbush islands and dry river banks preferred. No dependent on water.

Central, north-eastern and north-western Namibia.

Main food:
Leaves, twigs, fruit and seeds of trees and shrubs, but also insects and chicks of small game birds.

Rutting and calving period:
Throughout the year.              

Only bucks. length of horns about 15 cm / 6 inch.

Very timid nocturnal, frequently spotted at dusk at the end of underbush. Duiker usually occur in pairs and stay in one area.

Sniffing snort.


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