Steenbok stand about 55 cm / 22 inch at the shoulder and have a mass of about 14 kg / 31 lb.. Steenbok are small, graceful antelopes with long slender legs and slim bodies. Their coat is smooth and densely packed with hair. Steenbok have a short pointed head with big, broad ears. Their inner thighs are white, the tail very short.

Light reddish in colour, distinct black muzzle marking.

Open woodland and bush savannah.

All over the country.

Main food:
Leaves, twigs, grass, but also roots and tubers.

Rutting period:
May June

Calving period:
December January

Only the bucks have straight horns which level white their ears. Length of horns up to 15 cm / 6 inch.

Steenbok lead solitary lives in couples. They can jump off the ground very quickly with their head up high. Not dependent on water. Steenbok are diurnal.

Soft nasalized snort.

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