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Mountain Zebra (Hartmann's)

Mountain Zebra (Hartmann's)

Hartmann's Zebra stand about 150 cm / 59 inch at the shoulder and have a mass of about 300 kg / 660 lb.. They have a donkey-like appearance, a short head with black muzzle tip, relatively long, pointed ears with short hair. Distinct, small dewlap, well developed upright mane, and small, slender, steep hooves.

White with distinct black stripes. Stripes on the neck and body are narrow and fine, hindquarters have broad transverse stripes, croup and tip of the tail have short, slim, diagonal stripes (bars). Diagonal stripes extend along their legs to the hooves. On the lower parts (belly) stripes are missing altogether.

Arid, rocky terrain and hills.

In western Namibia. After good rains in the central areas and in dry season they move eastwards into farmland.

Main food:
Tuft-grass species in craggy areas. They drink daily at any time of the day. Under extreme conditions they can go for 2 - 3 days without water.

Gestation period:
362 – 365 days.

About 20 years.

Hartmann's Zebra are gregarious, living in family groups of 5 - 10 animals. Older mares lead the group. Stallions defend the groups by positioning themselves between the source of danger and his group. Old stallions are occasionally solitary but not territorial, they usually associate with bachelor groups. Hartmann's Zebra like to roll in sand for protection against parasites.

Deep, snorting ore horse-like neigh.

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