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Dik-Dik (Common)


Shoulder height 30 - 40 cm / 12 -16 inch, body weight 3 - 5 kg / 3,5 -11 ib.. The Dik-Dik, mentioned also wind game antelope, is truly a tiny antelope. Remarkable are the big ears; between that there are small, pointed horns (only the buck) and a forehead bunch of hairs. The Dik-Dik does are stronger in the build.

The head is brightness rust-red, the forehead bunch of hair is black and white drawn, iron- to reddish-gray hide, the abdominal hide is white, the under legs are brightness rust-red.

Bush landscapes and thickets are the living space of these small antelope. Here they find cover and protection against animal predators.

This sweet diminutive animals occur regionally quite frequently in Namibia.

Main food:
Mainly leaves and young shoots of acacias, which it grazes as well as roots and bulbs that they dig up.

Only the buck carries up to 8 cm /3.5 inch small, pointed and upright horns.

Dik-Dik stand mostly pair wise on tiny territories and behave dawn-active. They are quite curious and resist vehicles very long so that photographers have it easy to take a picture of them. In the case of danger they flee in fast zigzag jumps.

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