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Unmistakable among African wildlife, the giraffe with its long neck is the tallest animal in the world. Giraffes stand more than 5 meters / 17 feet. Loved among photographers, giraffes, apart from lions and elephants, are considered the most typical motive of African wildlife. Giraffes have a wide step, they are usually found standing between acacia trees, their favourite source of food. In the wild, populations of this ruminant are only found in northern Namibia. On many game farms giraffes are often kept just for "fun".

 Giraffes walk very cautiously to water sources, as they are not ready to flee quickly when drinking, with their front legs bent or alternatively splayed out to the sides. In this position, they are an easy prey for big attackers because they cannot fight back by chop-kicking with their front feet, like they would do in an upright position. This form of defence can even kill lions.

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