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Red Hartebeest


Hartebeest stand about 125 cm / 49 inch at the shoulder and have a mass of about 160 - 180 kg / 350 - 400 lb.. They have an elongated head with a high pedicle on the forehead. The horns are heavily ridged, seen from a front view, they rise in a V-shape, curving forward and outward, then inward and backward in a sharp wing.

Generally, light reddish to yellowish-brown. The forehead is black with a black band on top of the muzzle. Lighter, yellowish-brown strips join the eyes. A characteristic feature is the well defined off-white patch on the hindquarters, contrasting markedly with the darker upper parts and limbs.

Predominantly grassland and savanna.

In the Windhoek and Okahandja area and east thereof.

Main food:
Selective grazers.

Rutting period:
January – February.

Calving period:
August – September.

Both sexes carry similar horns, cows being smaller in size with lighter horns. Length of horns up to 65 cm / 26 inch. 

Hartebeest are gregarious, occurring in herds of about 10 - 30 of both sexes. Old bulls are often solitary. The drink regularly, if possible, but they are not dependent on water. When disturbed they vocalise a sneeze or a sneezing sound. 

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