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Dassie (Hyrax)

Dassie (Hyrax)

The physique of the hyrax is reminiscent of guinea pigs. The limbs are short and strong, a tail is absent. On the back there is a striking colored spot that surrounds a gland. The numerous tactile hairs that permeate the fur are also striking. Of all today's Schliefer, the Rock-Dassie has the largest distribution area. This is not closed, a distribution focus can be found in southern Africa, as well as in the Congo Basin and the Sahara.

The way of life of the rock hyrax (or Dassies) is well researched. It inhabits crevices and caves and occurs mainly diurnal. Plants serve as the main food, their composition depends on the season and supply: in the dry season the animals prefer soft plant food, in the rainy season, on the contrary, harder ones. They live sociably in colonies, the social fabric is complex. A group usually consists of a dominant male, the reproductive females and the offspring. In addition, there are still solitary males. The group goes together in search of food. 

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