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The Tsessebe (Damaliscus lunatus) is a species of antelope in the lyre family. It is found in eastern Angola, western Zambia, Zimbabwe, northern Botswana, the Namibian Caprivi Strip and northeastern South Africa.

The tsessebe reaches a head-torso length of 190 to 226 (females) or 207 to 229 centimeters (males) and a tail length of about 45 centimeters. The shoulder height is 108 to 132 (females) and 116 to 134 centimeters (males), respectively, and the weight ranges from 136 to 158 kilograms. The hind foot is 48 to 57 centimeters long, the ear length is 18 to 21. The horns are long and run from their base first outwards, then inwards and at the end upwards, so that a lyre-like shape is obtained. The horns are ringed transversely and 25 to 39 cm long. Their tips are 18.5 to 41.5 cm apart, and at the most expansive point the horns are 26 to 45 cm wide. The skull has a length of 36.5 to 43 cm. Females are always a bit more delicate than the males.

The coat of the Tsessebe is brownish or tan with a purple tinge. The top of the head and the upper part of the forelegs and hind legs are dark gray. The yellowish tail ends in a long black tassel. The inside of the ears and the insides of the legs are yellowish.

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